img_5700Pioneer Work and Learn Life Skill students prepared their own family style thanksgiving feast this season.  Each group took a turn spending half of their school day in the kitchen with Mrs. Atwood preparing their turkey and side dishes from start to finish.  Students did a great job tasting new dishes like squash and green bean casserole.   For many of the students it was their first time sitting down as a family to such a beautiful meal.  The kids were very grateful and all commented on how much they learned from the experience.  Most were surprised at how long it took to prepare such an elaborate meal.  Everyone was excited to take home their new recipes over the holiday and create one for their family.  Mrs. Atwood said she was glad she was able to provide such a meaningful event for the children and make them special during their time together.   Thanks to Mrs Atwood for spearheading this project.   She cooked 5 separate meals with 5 separate turkeys, a lot of extra work.