Did you see our cameo on Fox 2 News Detroit?

Fox 2 News Reporter Amy Lange came out to cover the story of the abandoned house next door to Wolverine Center, our Detroit residential facility.  When I say, “next door,” I mean about 10 feet away!

Inside the house. Check out the original story here.

House Teardown

This house has been a danger to the 30-40 kids who live at Wolverine Center and the staff who work there. It was abandoned and unmonitored–we don’t know what goes on in there after dark, and we don’t want our kids to find out!

We’ve been working to get it removed for many years, but it wasn’t until Mayor Mike Duggan’s blight removal efforts went into full force that we started getting our phone calls returned. Steadily, we made progress on removing the house…and today, we are happy to announce that it has FINALLY been demolished!!

House Teardown

Check out the follow-up story here.

Big thanks to Amy Lange at Fox 2 News for covering the story, and Mayor Duggan’s office for committing to cleaning up Detroit!! Our kids will truly sleep better at night because of your work.