Marine Holds a Christmas GiftStudents at Principal Wolverine Alternative Education completed their veterans’ project last week.  A total of 15 boxes were packed and sent out to local military men and women who are stationed overseas for the holiday.  The project began early this fall when students participated in the local farmer’s market, where they sold homemade caramel corn and muffins.  In celebration of Veteran’s Day, the students created and painted American flags on wooden pallets that were auctioned off online.  The money made from both fundraisers was used to purchase items for the boxes such as; hygiene products, snacks, candy, magazines, and small games.  There were several organizations and businesses that helped the children complete this project.  A big thank you goes out to Vassar Building Center for supplying the pallets and paint.  WHS contributed to the boxes with pairs of socks and hygiene products.  Blossom Chiropractic donated a full-size tube of Bio-freeze each one of the soldiers.   Finally, the Vassar Rotary paid the complete expense of shipping overseas so that boxes will be received in time for Christmas.  The project was very special because it benefited local soldiers and provided an opportunity for their families to let them know how much they are loved and appreciated back home.  A student was quoted as saying “It felt good to give something back to soldiers because they do a lot to protect us and our freedoms”.

Shelly Atwood spearheaded this project with some help from her team.  Thanks to all who helped with this worthwhile project.