15697657_1279529818784133_2608062935642131955_n“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” – Jim Rohn

We decided at Camp 2 that we wanted to focus our time and money towards a local family in Vassar. Mrs. Grigg was able to chat with the social worker at the high school to find someone who is in need – who ended up being a senior girl, who lives with her mother here in town. She is a young mother of a son, works, goes to school, and plans on attending Delta in the fall.

In October, we had our students in transition make and package chocolate covered pretzels for Sweetest Day. Each group was a vital part in the production and our sale was very successful! In November, we decided to hold a homemade chicken noodle soup sale and bake sale – again, each group helped prep, make, and prepare each dish. The following day we sold out sooner than expected and had an awesome turnout. The soup was a definite hit and we will plan on making more next year. With each sale and some donations that came in across the site, we ended up having $400 to put forth towards our local family. Mrs. Grigg was able to secure a list (which mind you was very small) and we scheduled a Walmart shopping trip to get the items. The shopping trip was very beneficial to the boys – we gave them a calculator and a budget, and they had to factor in price, taxes, etc. They did an awesome job and I was proud to take them into the community. The following day several of the classes helped wrap the gifts. Please see attached picture. Each student is going to get a certificate for volunteering their time and effort to help make this Christmas a bit brighter for our local family. This was a great experience for the students to experience “giving back” and they were more than willing to help with the various tasks that went with this project.