October is “Bullying Awareness Month”, celebrated by SAMSHA. The presentation was a youth led presentation that focuses on the awareness of bullying. The presentation started of by breaking down how bullying just doesn’t start when a youth reaches high school; it starts when they are younger in elementary. Some individuals think that kids are just being kids. Furthermore it discussed the social, emotional, and physical abuse of bullying. This was guided by the youth presenters sharing a bit of their story to bring reality to the topic. The presentation discussed social media bullying and how it is different from the normal playground bullying; speaking more to the transformation of bullying then and now. They addressed target populations that bullying is clearly evident such as the LGBTQ including youth who experience mental health challenges. The presentation addressed the warning signs that most youth display when they are bullied. The presentation closed out with solutions to minimize the probability of bullying in a school setting, peer to peer, including but not limited to the home.

Event Details: 10/25/2016 5:30p-8pm
Location: Saginaw Michigan, St. Mary’s Hospital, 723 Emerson St. 48602

Clients attended: Jaquarde D., Dazon J. and Isaac W.
Staff Attended: Mr. Hillman, Mr. Adams.