“As a Community Liaison in the Care Provider Community Services Department, I do not usually meet the clients that I am helping to become licensed foster parents. However, I talk to them by telephone or email on a weekly basis and get to know them fairly well. Not too long after I started, I was assigned one that still makes my heart sing. The couple was very interested in fostering, but seemed to start the process and then stop responding and then start the process again. I finally reached the wife on the telephone and she told me that she was excited, but scared to foster. She was afraid of having a child placed in her home and then taken away. After talking with her I found out it was because she had a miscarriage. I helped her to see how much love she had to give and how lucky any child would be when touched by this love. This ignited her and she quickly turned everything in and they finished all the classes. It was not long before they were licensed foster parents and they now have a child in their home. They are doing very well.” – Lori Smith