Robdou FamilyMeet the Robidou Family!

Michael and Shiree Robidou’s foster parent journey began in 2017. After proceeding through training, background checks, and their home study, the Robidou’s have provided a safe, and loving home for six foster children in a span of four years. Over the years Michael and Shiree have been able to support the reunification of four foster children. Throughout the Robidous foster parent journey, their family has grown as they began fostering now 19-month-old Aubrey.

Two months after accepting placement of Aubrey, Michael and Shiree also began providing care for their fifteen-year-old niece, Jada. Part of what makes Michael and Shiree’s foster parent and adoption journey so beautiful is that they have united to form a blended home. This past February Michael has adopted his wife’s biological children to make one big happy family!

No matter the obstacles that have arisen the Robidu family can be described as “united with love, and kindness”. Recently, Aubrey has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. While having five children in their home, providing care for Aubrey has been a team effort. We are excited to share that the Robidou family has had a lot to celebrate from Aubrey learning how to crawl, clap, play peek-a-boo, roll over, sit, and stand with assistance. Not only has Arbury made incredible progress but on February 4th, 2021 with the help of Wolverine’s adoption department, the Robidou’s have finalized the adoption of both Aubrey, and Jada.

Even amongst the pandemic, the Robidou’s were able to have their adoption finalization court date in person, while having family and friends join in to celebrate the children’s adoption over video chat. This April, we are excited to celebrate the Robiduo family and applaud their willingness and commitment to provide outstanding care for the youth in their care.

Throughout the state of Michigan, there are so many foster children in need of a loving, and caring family. Many children in foster care are working through developmental delays or have special needs. No matter the circumstances, it is our mission to help children and families become victors.

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