Lynne Yeck believes strongly that all children can be victors, given the right tools and support. She has been an amazing gift to Wolverine and our clients for the past 16 years.

Lynne YeckCurrently, she is serving children as the Executive Assistant and holds the position as Christmas season TOP ELF for the Wolverine Northern Campuses (Vassar & Saginaw). In her position as Executive Assistant, Ms. Yeck is highly instrumental to our PQI (Program Quality Improvement) process, as well as assisting with numerous other systems across the northern region. And, in her position as TOP ELF, Ms. Yeck readily volunteers her time every year for our annual Operation Good Cheer; she is the glue that binds this annual holiday activity together. Ms. Yeck is the one making holiday a success year after year, and ensuring that all of our northern clients are receiving amazing presents!

To say that Ms. Yeck is an asset to the Wolverine Human Services family simply does not do justice to her many contributions. Ms. Yeck’s dedication and passion for helping others made her the obvious choice for receiving recognition of Staff of the Year Outstanding Services Northern Region in 2015.

When speaking to Ms. Yeck about all she does, she stated this, “I love working for Wolverine Human Services. There is never a dull moment here. I enjoy the ever-changing environment and the diverse population I work with. Also, I am passionate about the treatment we provide our clients and I strive to help in any way I can.”

Thanks to Lynne Yeck and all the amazing work she does!!!

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