Marco Kid’s Campaign

Marco Technologies, LLC is an IT Service Management Company dating back to 1973 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Four decades later, Marco has turned into one of the top five technology providers in the nation, serving customers nationally with core offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Missouri. One might wonder what Marco Technologies and Wolverine Human Services have in common… the drive to support the kids of our future.

For one month, Marco Technologies is periodically featuring several different charities dedicated to serving youth across the nation, including Wolverine Human Services. For the week of April 4th through the 12th, 2019, every additional “like” on the Marco Culture Facebook page will result in a $1 donation to Wolverine Human Services. Then, on April 12th, a group of Marco Technologies’ staff members will spend a day volunteering at the John S. Vitale Community Center Soup Kitchen where they will be assembling precooked meals to use at future Saturday Community Dinners.

Wolverine Human Services would like to thank Marco Technologies, both for their donation and for the time they have committed towards serving our community. Marco Technologies truly understands what it means to Help Children to be Victors!

Finally, all WHS social media fans, follow the link below and like the Marco Culture Facebook group. Check out the amazing work they are doing to help the children of Wolverine Human Services to be Victors.

Click here to visit Marco Technologies Culture Facebook Page.