Wolverine Human Services (WHS), Michigan’s largest child welfare agency,  has partnered with Salesforce to create Noble Child, the first cloud-based IT system to meet the data tracking needs of the entire child welfare industry.

The child welfare industry is horrifically antiquated, using paper charting, siloed systems between agencies and local government bodies and inefficient forms of communication between all parties.  The United States spends roughly $20 billion annually funding child welfare services, an approximately $1 billion is spent on software procurement, customization of software, implementation and training between state and private entities.

Noble Child addresses visibility, data management, data loss and reporting issues, while leveraging technology that is interconnected and user-friendly. The system allows all state operations and private service provider operations to be maintained on one cloud-based platform. This removes silos of data and creates a frictionless workflow for the industry to improve how private agencies and government bodies administer care and treatment to children.

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