Kilgore FamilyJames and Heather Kilgore have been foster parents with Wolverine Human Services since July 2016. Although their initial goal was to adopt, they remained open to becoming foster care providers. Since then, the Kilgore family has successfully fostered 4 children and finalized their first adoption this past March. Many agree that this family epitomizes what a foster family should be. They are encouraging and never give up on a child once they have agreed to care for them. They built strong bonds with the birth parents and continue to assist their former foster children even once they have returned home.

Kilgore FamilyOn a daily basis, we often forget that part of the reason we are here is to help others and the Kilgores continuously live this mission. At one point, the Kilgores were tasked with caring for a child who was exhibiting difficult behaviors and emotional distress due to trauma. Even in face of hardship, the Kilgore family remained at this child’s side, asking what they could do to help the situation. The commitment they have demonstrated is truly inspiring and they continue to be a wonderful example of what “Helping Children to be Victors” really means. We would like to thank the Kilgore family and all other Wolverine Human Services foster families for the amazing care they provide to our children. Tonight, the Kilgore Family will be honored at our 32nd Annual Awards and Scholarship Banquet at the U of M Big House. They have been awarded the Creating Hope Award which is an honor reserved for a Wolverine foster care or adoptive family that opens their own home to provide unparalleled love and care for their family.

Kilgore FamilyThe Kilgores have been a great example to other foster and adoptive families and to the children that they have served. Their lives are forever changed through the families they have served, the children they have helped to be victors, and the lives they have bettered through their kindness.