Samantha And Evelyn

Meet Samantha and Evelyn!

This January, Wolverine recognizes Evelyn and Samantha as Care Providers of the Month! Throughout 2021 each month, we will be celebrating our care providers who have gone above, and beyond as foster care or adoptive parents. Because of the Allore family’s dedication, commitment, and nurturing care, the Allore’s have been selected as Wolverine’s first-ever Care Providers of the month!

We have chosen to highlight Evelyn and Samantha because of their exceptional care and willingness to provide a safe and loving home for foster youth. The Allore’s foster care and adoption journey began out of a long-time desire to foster. They wanted to help support foster youth in need of a safe, and loving environment for them to succeed. After Evelyn and Samantha attended training, completed background checks, and their home study, they received their first placement in 2017 who was able to be reunified with their parents. We are happy to note that the Allore’s have stayed in contact with the youth they have fostered and host them at their home regularly. A bond that can never be broken as they continue to make memories in a loving and encouraging environment.

Evelyn and Samantha’s foster care journey continued as they chose to foster three youth. With this decision, the Allore family transitioned from being typically a quiet home to being full of fun-filled daily adventures including their camping, fishing, and visits to the park. As fun adventures took place and time went by, the Allore’s have recently started fostering a fourth youth, and are in the process of adopting each youth in their care.

As the Allore’s proceeded through the adoption process they would describe their experience and relationships gained from fostering as “irreplaceable”. Throughout their foster care journey, they have not only seen their relationships grow with their children, but also with one another. Evelyn and Samantha would like to encourage those thinking about becoming foster care or adoptive parents to open up their hearts to providing care for foster youth.

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