A family pulling together is sometimes what it takes.  Mr. Butler, a single male…never married and no children had no responsibility but himself until his 3 great nieces and 2 great nephews came into care.  He stepped up to the plate and quickly became a natural.  The road has never been easy but he has provided love and stability in the children’s lives and a sense of security to help them thrive.  They share a bond and the love is unconditional! The children’s great grandmother assists daily and this family truly pulls together to make it work.  I call this woman a Saint each and every time I talk about her.  Her willingness to cook, cloth and provide child care to the young ones while Mr. Butler works to provide for them is truly amazing.  The family is large and each and every time I visit there are plenty of children around along with extended family visiting, laughing and spending time together.  They feel family never turns their back on family and they take care of each other.  The road has been a long one, sometimes with bumps along the way …but they persevered!  They held tight and did what was needed and to see it come full circle is absolutely bittersweet.  I admire their dedication to the ones they love and I am extremely proud of how hard they worked to get to the end! Finalization couldn’t happen to better family.   To know that these children will get to grow up surrounded by family that adores them warms my heart!

Sasha Abdilla
Adoption Case Manager
Wolverine Human Services