Print“Wolverine Human Services is proud to announce our new “Unsung Hero” partnership with Michigan Athletics. In sports, there is often an unrecognized athlete, one you would least expect that makes the biggest contribution to a winning team. This athlete isn’t doing it for the attention or accolades, but because helping their team win is more important than any individual reward.

In life, our team is our community. The unsung heroes of our community are those that help children in need not because of what they get in return, but because helping a child become a victor means more than any accolade ever could.

As part of our partnership with Michigan Athletics, Wolverine Human Services will proudly present the Unsung Hero of every Football and Men’s Basketball game on the Michigan Radio Network across the state. Be sure to listen in and find out which athlete became the Wolverine Human Services Unsung Hero of the game!

We recognize all of the unsung heroes in our community and through our new partnership with Michigan Athletics, we are able to continue to generate awareness of our mission of “Helping Children to be Victors.”

Go Blue!