We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals.

Are you interested in an internship with us? Reach out at: contactwolverine@wolverinehs.org

Today, we are excited to introduce you to Amal, who is working in our Community-Based Programs!

Intern AmalName: Amal Elzaghir

Which WHS Program you work in: Community Based Programs – Teen and Young Adult Support Services

Level of Education: Bachelor’s degree

Area of Study: Social Work

University or College: Wayne State University

Hometown: Detroit

Fun fact about you:

I have a little boy that I am obsessed about. I take pictures of him on a daily basis and tend to show him off to everyone. I was very overprotective when he was a newborn to a point that I didn’t allow anyone to touch him for the first month.

Why did you choose your area of study?

“Choose a job that you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This is my way of saying that I want to become a social worker I have always wanted to have a career in which I can change lives and make a difference. I absolutely love helping people. I think it is the most fulfilling thing in the world. Being a social worker will allow me to do so on a daily basis.

What do you find most interesting about your internship at Wolverine Human Services?

Wolverine Human Services has a culturally diverse population which makes me more comfortable being in an environment with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

What inspiration do you draw from the youth and/or staff at Wolverine Human Services?

The amount of work and effort everyone puts in shows how much they care about their children as case workers and supervisors.

What else should we know about you?

I am a responsible, intelligent and devoted person. I am kind at heart and care about the well being of others. I am easy to talk to and a great listener. I also take ethics very seriously.