Wolverine Human Services (WHS) is proactively working to keep foster children, care providers, and staff members safe during the pandemic. WHS has embraced technology and has equipped staff members to be able to start face-to-face activities with foster care children, care providers , and biological families.

We are excited to share that July 1st was the first day face-to-face activities were allowed to re-start with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

To ensure the health and safety of all involved in face-to-face activities, each WHS family case manager has been equipped with PPE kits. These kits include masks, gloves, sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes to use when conducting and supervising visits.

As in-person visits begin to restart on Wolverine property, we are sanitizing visit rooms both before and after family visits are taking place. WHS is asking that PPE is worn by all adults who are involved in family and case worker visitations. WHS is also recommending that any child over the age of two years old wear a mask.

Wolverine is excited and prepared to continue the process of helping make children victors!

If you would like to become a Care Provider today, please click the link below to join in our mission of “Helping Children to be Victors!”