A donation is a gift for charity. It can be anything from money and goods to services and volunteered time.

Last week I was thrilled to receive a call from Shari Fesko. Shari is the Youth and Teen Librarian at the Southfield Library, a place where Wolverine Center (WC) Youth go to enjoy special programs, activities and to read.

Shari called WHS because the Southfield Library was in the process of making room for new books that were coming in and in order to make room, they were looking to donate books to a place that not only needed them, but a place they would be read and loved. Shari knew Wolverine Center would be that place.

Last Friday I went to the Southfield Library and had the pleasure of meeting Shari. Not only did I leave the library with seven boxes of books and DVD’s, Shari has offered to come visit WC to read to the kids and do activities with them.

This generous and thoughtful donation will provide the WC Youth with hours of enjoyment as well as educational lessons.

Thank you so much Shari Fesko and the Southfield Library for giving Wolverine Center the gift of reading!

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities like these and how to donate, please contact:

Stacey Fuller-Karson, Philanthropy Coordinator
Phone: 313-236-7713