ShoppingAs times are tough, Wolverine’s commitment remains the same; Helping Children to be Victors!

For youth in Foster Care, these can be times of great uncertainty in their lives; the added challenges of the pandemic may cause increased anxiety of an already stressful situation.

Two children that have been in our care for the last few years recently fell on some extremely difficult times as they had to endure grief and loss within their placement. As the school year begun, they faced additional challenges as they did not have the clothes or supplies they desperately needed or the resources to get what was needed.

When the family worker found out the needs of our foster children, she asked her supervisor what Wolverine could do to help. Through donations made to the Piggy Bank Project, we had the opportunity to give our foster youth a day they have NEVER experienced before… a full day of shopping!

Our foster youth were taken shopping by their family worker! They spent over five hours shopping and getting the clothes and supplies they so desperately needed. More importantly, this outing gave our foster youth a day in which they could forget their struggles, a day that lifted their spirits and boosted their confidence, a day that made them feel important, special and loved, and a day that made them realize they matter to a community of people they don’t know and that community doesn’t know them.

These kids were given a day they will never forget. When you feel you look good, you feel better and when you have the supplies necessary to do your work, you will do better. They were grateful, thankful and beyond appreciative for all they were given. And it went beyond the material things…

With the change of seasons, Wolverine is preparing for the winter months that are just around the corner. We have foster youth that will be in need of winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, winter clothes and additional school supplies.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • We happily accept in-kind donations (we ask that items are new)
  • We can also greatly use gift cards, Kohl’s cash, etc. These can be new or ones that you have and aren’t going to use.
  • You can also donate directly here:

For questions please send an email to:

There are many ways to become involved in supporting foster youth such as volunteering, donating or becoming a foster care provider. To learn more please visit: