Families sometimes encounter sad and unfortunate events that leave those behind heart broken and sad. When a wonderful woman named Allison passed away, she left behind her two loving parents and young son, Jonathon.

Wilk family

Throughout this family’s tragedy, Mr. and Mrs. Wilk stayed strong for their grandson. They wanted to give him the best, most loving life that they could. They knew that they could come together after the loss of Allison, and provide a loving home to Jonathan.

Wilk Family
Although saddened by their loss, Mr. and Mrs. Wilk worked to ensure their grandson got everything he needed in life, and never missed out on childhood opportunities. He attended sporting events, played on teams, and spent time with friends.

Wilk Family

When I met this family as their Adoption Specialist, I encountered a happy young boy who was blessed with the love of two amazing grandparents. Not all children are able to remain with family in times of grief and loss; however, it is families who come together in times of need like the Wilks who are so greatly appreciated for the amazing care they will provide for their rest of Jonathon’s life.

–Hannah Gac, Adoption Specialist

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