2015 Annual ReportDear Friends,

It has been another exciting year at Wolverine Human Services! We are proud of our many accomplishments: maintaining a balanced budget, celebrating with

13 GED recipients and 18 high school graduates, and welcoming 1,194 youth who passed through our doors.

We are always filled with joy when we see our children move into a permanent and loving home, whether that is through reunification with a birth family or by

moving into a new forever family. This year, we were thrilled to see 51 finalized adoptions, creating forever families for Michigan’s most vulnerable children.

Our partnership with the Beck Institute has continued to thrive. Our therapists, care staff, children, and families are growing more and more equipped with

evidence-based tools to set children on a path to victory. We are growing more involved in the Detroit community, and helping this great city capture

opportunities like never before.

I invite you to browse these stories of resiliency, challenge, love, and growth that exemplify another wonderful year of “Helping Children to be Victors.”

Thank you,


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