We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals.

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Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Dave, who is working with youth on our Vassar campus!

DaveName: Dave Copeland

Which WHS Program you work in: Vassar Campus

Level of Education: BBA/ MSSA Candidate

Area of Study: Individual, Youth, and Family

University or College: Case Western Reserve University

Hometown: Belleville, MI

Fun fact about you: I’ve been a club and event DJ for 25 years

Why did you choose your area of study? I’ve always been interested in helping people, so I’ve decided to dedicate the second half of my working life to doing just that.

What do you find most interesting about your internship at Wolverine Human Services? Getting real world experience, and getting to apply the theories and techniques I’ve learned so far.

What inspiration do you draw from the youth and/or staff at Wolverine Human Services? I haven’t worked a lot with the youth yet, but the staff have been extremely friendly and supportive so far, and are inspiring in the fact that they’re “in the trenches” doing the real work on a daily basis.

What else should we know about you? I’m here to help!