There are many myths that surround Foster Care. It can be difficult to identify what information is true or not when considering becoming a successful foster care parent.

Our Staff here at Wolverine wants to provide clear and valuable information, resources, and next steps to help you become a foster care or adoptive parent.

In order to share helpful information and resources, Wolverine has launched the Care Provider Portal which is an online hub for all things foster care and adoption. Some information included in the Care Provider Portal is the Wolverine Interest Letter, and Families Considering Foster Care and Adoption article published by the Children’s Bureau. You can access this information by completing the Care Provider form below.

Myths About Foster Care

What if I would like more information about foster care?

If you would like to learn more about foster care, we would love for you to join the Wolverine Human Services family by attending an informational Foster Parent Orientation. Orientation is not only a time to learn about foster care, but also is your first step toward becoming a foster care parent.

Our recruitment staff also has helpful information for answering questions you may have to help bust the myths of foster care!

How do I sign up for an orientation and learn more about foster care or adoption?

Please complete the Care Provider Form below.