Superheroes are looked up to by so many at all different ages! No matter if your favorite superhero is Batman, Superman or Spiderman, each superhero has amazing abilities. Flying, super strength, invisibility, and super speed to name a few that superhero’s displays in their heroic actions!

Even though we may never have the chance to meet Batman, Superman or Spiderman, we do have the opportunity to interact with everyday superheroes daily.

Who are these Superheroes?

Foster Parents! 🙂

Foster Parents are everyday superheroes because of their kindness, selflessness, and willingness to love and mentor foster youth who have experienced abuse and neglect. Not only are our foster parents’ superheroes, but foster youth are superheroes in training.

Many of the famous superheroes we have grown up with were not raised by their parents, but by other care providers who made the intentional choice to invest into a superhero’s life. When a foster parent invests into the life of a foster youth, a superhero is being raised right in front of our eyes!

Do you want to begin your superhero journey to help one of the 400,000 foster youth?

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