Malia was born in February 2013. She was premature, weighed only 4.5 pounds, and had drugs in her system.

When Malia was 3 days old, Sean and Jessica Green were called to the hospital to welcome her as their foster child. They had become foster parents a few months earlier, with the hope of expanding their family to include a baby girl.

The day that Sean and Jessica went to the hospital to get Malia, their lives were changed forever. Malia quickly bonded with Sean and Jessica’s biological sons, Brennan (10) and Kaven (8). They were so excited to have Malia in their home, and loved playing and cuddling with her.

Sean and Jessica are extremely dedicated parents. They were very involved in Malia’s foster care case—always making sure that she attended her appointments, expressed any concern they had, and showed Malia an infinite amount of love and compassion.

Malia thrived under their care, and has grown into a beautiful, healthy 20 month-old toddler. She has short brown curly hair and beautiful brown eyes.  Malia is very smart for her age, and can count to ten and name many different animals!

The Greens became a forever family on April 30, 2014. Brennan and Kaven were so excited to have a little sister, and Jessica and Sean were thrilled to have their baby girl. Malia is the only granddaughter on either side of the family, so she gets lots of attention! Her grandparents, aunts, and uncles are extremely supportive, and are very involved in Brennan, Kaven, and Malia’s lives.

It is a beautiful thing to witness the growing connections within this forever family. Sean and Jessica treated Malia as part of their family since the very first day they brought her home. They have proven to be dedicated parents by putting their children’s needs before their own and wanting nothing but the absolute best–not only for their biological sons, Brennan and Kaven, but also for Malia.

This family has so much wisdom, compassion, and love to share with anyone who enters their home. It is a joy to see that Malia will forever be their sweet baby girl.

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