Woman talking on laptopThis Spring, we are excited to announce that we are offering virtual support groups for Care Providers with Wolverine.

The pandemic may have changed our normal routines, but we believe that no matter the circumstances, support is critical to providing successful care for children in foster care. Virtual support groups provide safe opportunities for foster parents to continue their on-going training needed to help make children and families victors.

What is a support group?

Support groups here at Wolverine are currently remote gatherings of people that have two main purposes. The first is a training opportunity. A state requirement of all licensed foster care providers is to receive six hours of trainings each year. Attending support groups allow foster care providers to meet this requirement for their needed trainings. Each support group covers a different relevant topic to provide guidance, and insight to grow your skills and knowledge as a foster care provider.

The second purpose of support groups is to provide community between foster care providers. Frankly, challenges will arise as children are being helped, encouraged, and challenged to grow each and every day. Each session of our support groups provides the opportunity for care providers to ask questions and relate to one another through shared experiences.

Why support groups, and who can attend?

We believe training and relationships are important. Support groups bring both training opportunities and the chance to build relationships with other care providers in a one hour and a half session.

Support groups are open for enrollment for both Wolverine foster care providers, and those interested in starting their foster parent journey.

How do support groups take place, and what is the best way to enroll?

Support groups are taking place virtually over Zoom Video Conferencing. Some support groups offer live trainings and a virtual discussion time, while other trainings are self-paced and offer a virtual discussion time after the self-paced trainings has been completed.

The best way to enroll in an upcoming support group is to contact SupportGroups@wolveirnehs.org with the group date you would like to register for.

What are some upcoming support group topics, and how do I access all upcoming support group dates?

All support group dates are shared on Wolverine’s Care Provider Portal. You can access the upcoming orientation dates by clicking the button below, select “Getting Started Tour”, and then navigating to the events tab where you will find all upcoming support group dates.

To learn more and enroll for an upcoming support group, please contact SupportGroups@wolveirnehs.org or complete the Care Provider Form below to start your foster parent and adoption care provider journey!

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