Gery Family

There is a quote that says, “A garden of love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.”

Ms. Frances Gray was enjoying her life of retirement in Florida when she learned that her three grandchildren had entered Michigan’s foster care system in April of 2010.She wasted no time in getting back to Michigan, hoping to assist her daughter in reuniting with her children. She assumed that her stay would be temporary, and that she would soon be returning to her life in Florida.

This was not the case. As the family experienced many ups and downs, it became increasingly clear to Ms. Gray that she was needed in Michigan.  When she decided that adopting her grandchildren was the best thing for her family, her planned “short stay” became a permanent move.

It was not easy. Ms. Gray overcame financial hardships, made several local moves, and experienced an overall mental toll from the unexpected and life-changing process.

Despite difficulties, as the worker for this family, I noticed a dedication that one does not get to see very often. I saw a woman who knew that her three grandchildren would most likely be separated and placed into separate homes if they stayed in the foster care system. I saw a woman who recognized what was required to adopt her grandchildren, and did any and everything to make sure that it was done. I saw a woman who knew that her family needed her, and she stepped up. In short, I saw a grandmother’s love that exceeded even my own expectations of possibility.

Now, long after the adoption was finalized, I am still in contact with Ms. Gray. Her heart still shines, and she continues to use her leadership qualities in the service of others. She has become an advocate for local grandparents caring for their grandchildren. She hosts monthly meetings, and guides other grandparents who are experiencing difficulty in receiving help.

So it appears that a garden of love does grow in a grandmother’s heart, and flourishes even more so in becoming mother, friend, and savior to those who need her most.

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