Matthew WollackWhat is Dreamforce?
Dreamforce is an annual user conference hosted by in downtown San Francisco. The conference brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of IT professionals. Dreamforce is an opportunity to get hands-on with the latest product innovations and learn from the 170,000 Trailblazers using the platform. With 2,700+ informational sessions to help employees in every industry succeed, Dreamforce is the must-attend event of the year.

What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help your business grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organization across sales, service, marketing and more.

Why am I speaking at Dreamforce?
Because Wolverine Human Services has revolutionized the child-welfare industry through Salesforce.  That is literally the name of my session: “Revolutionizing Child Welfare Through Salesforce.”

Here is my session abstract: “We’ve all heard that Salesforce can be customized to fit individual needs, but how far can it go? And how easily? Wolverine Human Services decided to find out and it changed the way they do business. In one month, they achieved what it took them two years to build in another, industry-leading software. They’ve revolutionized the way their state executes the back-end of the child welfare and juvenile justice system. With Salesforce, WHS can focus less time on paperwork and more time helping the children they exist to serve. Join us to take a sneak peek into their truly unique system and to learn actionable takeaways for customizing your own Salesforce instance.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Come join me in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 7, 12:30 PM – 12:50 PM at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate – Expedition Theater.

P.S. At the end of my presentation, I will be making an announcement about the next steps in this amazing work and the future technology in the Child Welfare industry. The future is now, and Wolverine Human Services is responsible for it.