Let’s start with the basics.  What is a care-provider? In the world of child-welfare, a care-provider is person that is a foster or adoptive parent, also those that provide teen support services (Independent Living and Voluntary Adult Foster Care).   Why does Wolverine recruit care-providers? It is part of our contract with the Department of Health and Human Services. We are required to develop and execute a plan that actively recruits and licenses potential care-providers.

Today, there are nearly 14,000 children in the Michigan foster care system. Clearly there is a very large need to recruit care-providers.  Wolverine is excelling at this because of an amazing team applying data to their strategic thinking. Many agencies are comfortable with “traditional recruitment events” i.e. manning a booth at a local church or community event.  We are not. We are analyzing the data. We are following trends. And we are creating campaigns that drive care-provider leads. Lead refers to a potential care-provider, it is language from our care-provider life cycle.

Care-provider leads are increasing at Wolverine as a result of diverse campaigns, targeted & measurable assets, and un-matched care-provider experience.

Diverse campaigns are something Wolverine prides its self on. We work with “Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time”. As such, our marketing and advertising campaigns are designed to reach everyone.

Targeted & measurable assets provide us the ability to measure our ROI, adjust our plan as needed, and invest on the greatest return. We are spending our dollars more efficiently.

Finally, an un-matched care-provider experience is what our team provides to all eligible persons. Our team is the most knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, accountable, and timely – they are quicker, smarter, and more attentive. Our facilities are specifically designed for families and children with state of the art technology, engaging warm family environments, easy to reach locations, and a feeling of pride.  Our services are simply not the same as others, we elevate the level of expectations and care that families deserve – we are setting new standards in the state.

We are highly focused on care-provider lead because of the huge need in our state. We know that every potential care-provider is another potential home for the 14,000 children in the foster care system. We do not discriminate against any person, as we would not want our children to be discriminated as such. Are we not all just people? “Any Child, Any Parent, Any Time.”