Virtual Reality or 360 degree videos are super cool right now. Why? Because they are able to transport you to anywhere in the world, and sometimes out of this world (Google just launched their first VR video on Mars in conjunction with NASA).

How does this have anything to do with Wolverine Human Services?  Well, we do not exist in a sealed vacuum. We live in the real world, deal with real people, and have real needs.  One of those needs is demonstrating the amazing care, treatment, facilities, and opportunities that we provide to our clients and their families.

Therefore, we determined that VR videos would be the best way to let the rest of the world see the amazing treatment and facilities that Wolverine is known for.  Our videos provide on-site understanding of how our staff, clients, and facilities operate together to provide the highest quality of treatment in the nation.

We are excited to share three initial videos: Wolverine Secure Treatment Center, Vassar House, and Wolverine Growth Recovery.  Click the links to check them out!

Interested in a pair of our Official Cardboard Viewer? Email!