Bryan Family PhotoMeet the Bryan Family!

The Bryan family includes parents, Micah and Jennifer, and their four-year-old son, Kamarye!

The Bryan family has recently finalized the adoption of their son Kamarye. Even though the adoption process was temporarily delayed due to COVID-19 closing the Wayne County Court Adoption Unit, the Bryan family is excited to celebrate their son Kamarye!

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan’s journey began by patiently completing their adoption and foster care training. Through each step of the process, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan asked questions and were very responsive and accommodating. We are so excited that Kamarye’s adoption was a smooth process and are looking forward to continuing to work with Mr. and Mrs. Bryan as they are currently licensed, foster parents.

Mrs. Bryan’s journey toward becoming a foster parent began when she became interested in foster parenting from a young age. Their journey continued after Mr. and Mrs. Bryan learned they could not have children of their own. They decided to start the training process by becoming a foster parent while taking training to also become eligible as a potential adoptive parent. Even though Mrs. And Mrs. Bryan knew they could not have children, they saw they could impact youths’ lives in plentiful ways as foster parents. Through the foster parent and adoption training process, the Bryan family learned what their role would be as a foster parent. They supported the relationship between their foster child and the child’s biological parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan did this by being compassionate, flexible in changing time for parental visits along with providing updated information on the child (likes/dislikes, what he was learning, etc.) to the birth parent. They also made a plan to help the foster children in their home create birthday gifts and Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts for their birth parents.

Because the Bryan family understood the value of Kamarye’s relationship to his birth parents, they always took the time to address any of Kamarye’s insecurities that took place in the foster care and adoption process. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan are very open and understanding when Kamarye has questions about his birth mother and why she is not present daily, but they assure him that his birth mother will always love him. They also talked to him about the excitement they have about Kamarye joining their family officially through adoption. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan even created a book for Kamarye about his time in foster care including information about his birth mother and pictures of her. The Bryan family also saved items and wrote down the different things that his birth parents had brought to parenting time. They even created a book detailing how Kamarye became a member of their family.

This November we are celebrating the Bryan family because they are caring, active, patient, close, supportive, and an overall wonderful foster care and adoptive family. Some of the hobbies and actives they enjoy are walks, bike riding, Henry Ford Museum, Green Field Village, Detroit Zoo, reading books, playing with Duplo, trains, cars, and robots. Kamarye is passionate about reading, trains, and cars. Kamarye loves seeing and naming the different cars and trucks he sees while on family adventures.

As the holiday season begins, the Bryan family is making new traditions including making monster cookies and carving pumpkins. The Bryan family has also declared Friday nights to be their traditional family movie night where they make homemade pizza and popcorn.

We are thankful for the Bryan family being willing to help one child at a time become victors through being both great foster and adoptive parents.

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