Moore Family PhotoMeet the Moore Family!

On October 2nd, 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Moore have finalized the adoption of their son Colin with Wolverine in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Moore family story is a testimony that even when life can be tough, we can always keep moving forward in our work ethic, passions, and pursuits.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore chose pursue adoption because they wanted to provide a forever home for a foster child in need of a safe, and loving home. They initially wanted to help a child in need while growing their family in the process. Mr. and Mrs. Moore’s passion, loving home, ability to clearly and effectively communicate, and ask questions throughout their adoption journey helped them successfully adopt Colin.

As Colin was placed into the Moore household, it was as though he had always been a part of their family. This is because the Moore Family is very nurturing and loving and empower him to be the best version of himself, every day. Within a few weeks, Colin began referring to Mr. Moore and Mrs. Moore as mom and dad. Colin is a ball of energy and at times he can be a handful, but Mr. and Mrs. Moore said they had no issues in keeping up with him. Part of the reason that Colin has fit right in with Mr. and Mrs. Moore is that the Moore’s have included Colin in on their favorite activities! Some of the Moore’s favorite family activities include watching football, family movies, playing sports, and gardening (which is one of Mr. Moore’s favorite hobbies). The Moore family also enjoys Friday night game nights including playing card and board games, singing karaoke and dancing the night away!

Other passions that Mr. and Mrs. Moore enjoy are refurbishing old furniture and home décor, along with reading and ministry. Out of the Moore’s passion for ministry, they started the tradition in which Colin repeats the following statement every morning: “I am a leader and not a follower. I am a child of the highest God. I can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. I will respect myself and others. Today will be a great day.”

Indeed, each and every day has been a great day full of family fun for Colin since he has been with the Moore’s and we are happy to celebrate Colin’s adoption with the Moore family!

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