Earthworks is the Capuchin’s Urban Farm located in Detroit, MI. They were one of the first soup kitchens to utilize the “urban farm to soup kitchen table” model and are completely organic!

The farm had a special email announcement for its subscribers in the first week of May.

“Thanks to a generous donation from Gleaners Community Food Bank, we are giving away Grow and Learn Seed Pot Kits. Each case comes with their own biodegradable pot, soil disk, set of seeds, and directions.

Seed pods are a fun & easy way for kids, adults, and seniors to grow their own food.

The giveaway took place the first week of May at Earthworks Urban Farm and were giving away the hundreds of pods in their greenhouse and hoophouse.

Tori Williamson, Core Orchards’ Coordinator (a Wolverine Human Services entity), received the message and went to the farm to get some of the pods they were giving away on Giving Tuesday.

“One of the workers gave me a whole box of 80 pods! Each pod comes with a few seeds, soil & instructions. You start them indoors right in the biodegradable pod then can transfer to a pot, container or garden. There’s an app too that you can use to track all your seeds.”

Williamson also thought this would be a great way for foster families and residential clients in the area to learn about agriculture and start a garden in their residences and also to participate in growing Core Orchards seasonal garden this year.

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