Understanding the Process of Foster Care

Deciding to foster or adopt is a selfless act that comes with a lot of planning and preparation. The idea of putting someone’s needs before yours is a major responsibility and children cannot be successful without dedication and commitment. Please watch this short video to learn more about the foster care process.

Here at Wolverine, as you commit to fostering, we are committed to you and the children’s journey for success. Wolverine and its dedicated and experienced staff will be here 100% to support you in this process.

How Can I Safely Provide Stability?

As we continue to navigate the pandemic and more research is available, we are being proactive in our approach alongside the CDC by following protocols and guidelines that are changing daily. Our policy is “If uncomfortable, speak up.” With all in-person activities, Wolverine staff will be wearing a mask. We are fully equipped with PPE supplies including protective gowns that can be worn upon request. Our proactive approach includes delaying in-person activities if need be due to family quarantine restrictions or health concerns. Wolverine staff will do everything we can to mitigate risk factors.

As you proceed through the Foster Parent Training process, we will keep you up-to-date on how the foster parent training process is taking place.

(October 8th, 2021)

Step 1: Virtual Foster Parent Orientation (One Session, 3 ½ Hrs.)

Step 2: Licensing Case Manager Assigned (Will Be Contacted by 1 Week After Orientation)

Step 3: Preparatory Training

  • Virtual GROW Classes (Multiple Sessions, 20-25 Hrs.)
  • Virtual or In Person First Aid & CPR Classes (Taken at Convenience, 1-5 Hrs.)
  • In-Person Finger Printing
  • Hybrid Approach to the Completion of all Documentation
    • Foster Parent Checklist
    • Foster Parent Questionnaire

Step 4: Home Assessment

  • In-Person Home Visit (Minimally 1 Visit, 1 Hrs.)
  • In-Person Individual & Family Interview (One Session, 3-6 Hrs.)

Our mission is “Helping Children and Families to be Victors” and we do this by providing a safe, caring and stable environment for our youth in care, and we will ensure this happens with each and every child being placed. We also want you to feel prepared and well-equipped for this journey.

To start your Foster Parent and Adoption Care Provider journey, please complete the Care Provider Form below.