Mr. and Mrs. Worley’s adoption journey began with foster care as relative caregivers. In 2017, they picked up their nephew Leon from the hospital shortly after he was born. The family bonded quickly with Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Worley’s three daughters fell in love with him. Everyone in the home took turns playing with him, loving on him, and enjoyed watching him grow and change into the toddler he is today. In 2018, their niece Chasity was born, and she too was brought home to the Worley family shortly after birth. The family again received the excitement of watching Chasity grow and learn. With three busy girls of their own, Mr. and Mrs. Worley adjusted their home to accommodate all the children and added two more schedules into their already busy lives. Mr. and Mrs. Worley unselfishly care for five children, taking them to four different schools, cheer practice, school activities, competitions, and more! They have celebrated multiple birthdays and holidays together as one big, loving family. The Worley family endured many assessments and health difficulties along with their daily joys and are glad they were able to keep Leon and Chasity as part of their family. Leon and Chasity are happy little toddlers who are learning more every day and remain part of their birth family. A few short months after Leon turned two and just days before Chasity’s first birthday, both children’s adoptions were finalized in June of 2019!