March is National Reading Month!

Let’s celebrate with our children (young and old) as they explore their voyage of imagination, growth, and adventure!

Raising Readers:

Our job as care providers, parents, mentors, family and friends is not complicated…we must simply show them the way!

Helpful pointers:

Begin reading activities at home.

Don’t worry about age: Read to those that cannot read (each child’s developmental journey is different).

Model: let your child see you reading

Family involvement: ask older siblings to read to younger children

Variety: present materials that spur your child’s interest – offer a variety of reading activities

Reinforce: let your child now that you value reading

Most importantly…Have fun! Enjoy the month as you spend time reading together.

Personally, I am reading Harry Potter. You may wonder….why Harry Potter? Well, it’s because of my daughter, Allison. She loves the series; I love my daughter. And it is a way that I can share in the magic with her.

I have included a link below for exploration.


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Tom KrolickiThomas Krolicki, LMSW, ACSW, CAADC, is Vice President of Development and Community Based Programs at Wolverine Human Services. Tom has over 28 years of administrative and clinical service experience with a special focus in policy and program development, legislative action, and advocacy for children and families involved with Michigan’s Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health Systems. Tom is also highly invested in the development of new social workers and is a field placement advisor with several Universities and Colleges.