Wolverine Human Services, the largest child welfare and juvenile justice agency in Michigan, cares for the most vulnerable young people in the state. When a child is removed from their home because of abuse or neglect, the first stop is likely to be Wolverine. When a family wants to foster a child, they are often connected to Wolverine. And when at-risk youth need the targeted support to rehabilitate, the agency steps in with its world-recognized program.

For many years, Wolverine wrestled under the weight of time-intensive manual processes. The agency knew this was limiting its ability to achieve deep impact. Having struggled to find the right technology fit, three years ago, Wolverine partnered with Salesforce to use the power of the Nonprofit Cloud to support operating efficiency and program impact. In doing so, it revolutionized child welfare work and created a prototype for other agencies to follow.

Adopting a unified Salesforce platform…

Five years ago, when a child would first arrive at Wolverine, staff would have to complete up to 50 different paper forms, before the child could receive care. When a potential care provider would connect with Wolverine, hoping to provide much-needed stability to a vulnerable child, their inquiry might get lost and they might never receive a reply. Social workers were overloaded. Young people were not receiving care quickly. Work processes were chaotic.

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