Although Torrent Consulting did not officially launch until 2012, Daniel McCollum and Phil Brabbs began their journey 7 years earlier. Their partnership started as a friendship between two recent college graduates with a similar dream for change. Both Daniel and Phil worked a variety of jobs post-graduation. However, they found corporate work to be dissatisfying. While Daniel moved towards working in the non-profit sector, Phil continued his corporate position while working on the business plan for Torrent during his free mornings.

Finally, in 2012, two years after Phil was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Daniel implemented Phil’s business plan and took a leap of faith to begin as the sole employee of Torrent Consulting. After a year, Phil joined him and since then they have earned billions in revenue. They greatly expanded their client base and added more than 40 employees to their workforce. Torrent’s team is comprised of intentional innovators and connected team players with the heart-felt mission of helping others surpass their obstacles. Torrent’s strongminded goal has been the foundation of their success and today they continue to create and implement visions that allow their partners to succeed through technology rather than struggle against it. Wolverine Human Services is just one example of Torrent Consulting’s many success stories.

Two years ago, Wolverine Human Services came to the same realization that many companies still face today: business and technology continue to change at a much higher rate than we manage to keep up with. For WHS, our technological setbacks were more exaggerated than most. Like many others in the welfare industry, we continued to struggle using paper systems from the 90’s in an attempt to keep up with the reality of today. However, reality made it clear that this simply was not working for us. This is when we realized that we needed to change before we would be able to change the world.

In November of 2016, we began our partnership with Torrent to tailor the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack to meet our specific business needs. We knew that Salesforce could be the key to keeping up with the trends of today and because of Torrent, we were able to solidify this vision. Torrent adapted Salesforce to manage all of our information related to foster care and adoption, as well as our residential clients. This helped us succeed rather than struggle in today’s advanced technological reality. Thanks to Torrent, our Salesforce system allows us to manage new potential care providers and all of the children currently in our care.

From here, Wolverine Human Services will continue to implement and advance our technological improvements across all of our departments.