Blood alone does not define a family.  November has been designated as National Adoption Month.  In Michigan, this year the 21st of November has been designated as Adoption Day.  Many courts, counties and adoption agencies celebrate creating “Forever Families”.  What is a “Forever Family?”  A “Forever Family” means permanent.  It means that no matter what happens, a child will always have a family.  It means security and safety for a child that will always receive support, guidance, and most importantly LOVE.

Wolverine Human Services’ goal is to find loving parents that encompasses the attributes of a “forever family.”  Our families will always put our children first.  Since beginning the Adoption Program in 2009, Wolverine has assisted in creating over 400 “forever families”.  Our mission is to continue to assist, create, and grow “forever families.”  Every child regardless of age deserves a loving family.  In Michigan, there are over 300 children waiting for their “forever family.”  Will YOU be that family?

Many have asked who can be an adoptive family.  Wolverine accepts and welcomes anyone regardless of age, race, religion, and sexual orientation.  Our belief is if you can provide safety, security, love and promote what’s in the best interest of a child, you can become a “forever family.”

Any Child. Any Parent. Any Time.

If you are interested in becoming a “forever family”, please contact us.