children jumping in leavesWe are excited for the change in season and the opportunities for family bonding are plentiful! Whether you are a foster, biological, single parent or wanting to build a family, Wolverine wants to help make your fall memorable while providing opportunities to give back to the community. As the leaves turn, we also turn the page on the next chapter of our lives. The next chapter provides opportunities for family fun and give back to the surrounding community all at the same time.

One of the best indirect ways to give back to the surrounding community is by investing in your family. When adults invest into youth, both in their families and in their community, they are building into the next generation. When you invest in youth, you invest in the future.

There are many ways adults can invest into young lives during the fall. Family fun events include apple picking, hayrides, hiking, haunted houses, pumpkin carving are just a few events which the fall season has to offer all while creating memories and new traditions. Spending time with family helps relationships grow and trust deepen. No matter if you’re staying home or heading out, fall family fun can happen even while safely social distancing.

As the fall season begins, please consider investing into the youth in your family and community. How can you help make a difference in the lives of youth in your family and community?

We want to see families and communities grow and change just as the leaves are adapt and change.

We would love to help you begin your journey to invest in the lives of youth throughout Michigan by providing foster care and adoption services! You can do this by attending virtual or in-person events or becoming involved in Wolverine’s community-based programs.

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