As we continue to push through the Coronavirus pandemic, our lives are changing each and every day. Although there have been many changes as a result of Coronavirus, the need for loving foster care and adoptive parents has not changed and is ever increasing.

That’s why we need you!

Wolverine not only understands this need but is embracing technology to help provide safe homes for children during this time of uncertainty. In order to continually assist and prepare foster care providers, Wolverine Human Services has started to offer virtual Foster Care Orientations through video conferencing. Foster Care Orientations are typically in-person meetings and are the first steps for foster care parents to start their Care Provider journey. We are offering Foster Care Parent Orientations virtually so that people have options to receive this very important training during this difficult time. It is hoped that Covid-19 related issues are not long lasting, and we can resume traditional training. But until that time we are offering this unique experience to assist children in need.

When did Virtual Orientations begin?

April 29th marked the first Virtual Foster Care Orientation offered by Wolverine Human Services and as a result, four families have now started their foster care journey. We are excited to continue offering Virtual Foster Care Orientation services to those who are interested throughout the state of Michigan.

How can I join a Virtual Orientation?

To sign up for Virtual Foster Care Orientations, please fill out the care provider form below and request to attend a virtual orientation.

Phone: 313-484-8886