We love interns at Wolverine Human Services, and are proud to partner with 12 colleges and universities as a field placement site. We believe that one of the most important ways we can impact our field is by helping to grow and develop the next generation of professionals.

Are you interested in an internship with us? Reach out at: contactwolverine@wolverinehs.org

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Shelby, who is working with children in our foster care and independent living programs!

Intern ShelbyName: Shelby Hodges

Which WHS Program you work in: Foster Care/Teen and Young Adult Support Services

Level of Education: BSW 2016

Area of Study: Social Work

University or College: Taylor University

Hometown: Rockford, MI

Fun fact about you: I was the women’s lacrosse goalie for club lacrosse at Taylor University and have never played lacrosse before.

Why did you choose your area of study?

I have been interested in adoption since I was in Kindergarten. When I was in eighth grade, I discovered there was a job where one could work with adoption on a regular basis. At that point, I decided I want to be an adoption counselor. I found out this had to do with social work. Once I researched more about social work, I decided I wanted to get involved to help those who do not have a voice and need to be heard. I wanted to assist those who are often neglected and in need of an advocate.

What do you find most interesting about your internship at Wolverine Human Services?

At this point, my mind is wide open as I begin to learn more about the agency and the services they offer. I find it interesting as Wolverine Human Services works with children from all different aspects. As a college student trying to figure out where my passions lie in working with children, Wolverine Human Services offers numerous avenues to discover my strengths.

What inspiration do you draw from the youth and/or staff at Wolverine Human Services?

The inspiration I draw from staff thus far is determination and problem solving throughout the day.

What else should we know about you?

I thrive on organization. I like to plan events. Although I am small in stature, I have a strong passion for children. My family is very important to me.