Meet Ms. Breonna Thompson! She has been with WHS for a little over a year working at our Clarence Fischer Center in Vassar. She enjoys working with kids for many reasons. First, working with kids goes along with what she is going to school for. It has always been a passion of hers to try to help and be a positive role model to kids. Ms. Thompson relates to them because she was once that age in their shoes trying to figure out life. Ms. Thompson has worked in a setting like Wolverine before. Out of all places she has worked, Ms. Thompson likes Wolverine the best because it’s clear to see we really care about the kids that come here and want to help put them on the right path for a successful and happy life. She understands she will not be able to make an impact on every kid she encounters, but knowing she has helped or changed at least one kid’s life in some type of way is rewarding to her and her favorite part of the job. A couple things she would like to see implemented here is more interaction with the clients in the program she works in, and to see more support for the programs because she knows that they do work for our children.